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Provident Living is a gardening and nursery platform in New Zealand. We offer services to add value and beautification along with enhancing the quality of life.

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As a part of society

As a part of society, we must offer and contribute to wellbeing of the environment along with ensuring a healthy environment for yourself.

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To do so, we can plant trees around our homes and built lawns to provide with healthy air to breathe and improves our mental, emotional, and physical health.

gardening equipments.

Therefore, for people of New Zealand, we have a vast gardening services and nursey along with gardening equipments.

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Huge variety of Plants

We have imported plants and all locals; this allows us to offer you the widest variety of plants. We also provide the best and detailed maintenance services for these plants. These services are extended for all sorts of outdoor trees and indoor plants.


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About Us

New Garden offers a garden design to clients.

Since 1931

Gardening Equipment

“From the simple pipes, pots to difficult planting and gardening tools and equipment, we have it all for you at the most reasonable You can get hold of this equipment from our store or have them ordered at your doorstep through the website.”
Korina Parker, Founder

Tree Planning and Consultation

This service is for the people who love plants; however, they are confused about which plants to keep or raise them well. These services help a person select the right plants for their garden, office, as a gift or anything else.

You can avail of this service by pre-booking your appointment or simply have an appointment through our virtual options.
Stene Wayne, Owl Co-Founder

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Five Major Things You Need to Know When Hiring a Garden Maintenance Firm

Often, we rely on landscaping plants around our homes as the main centre of attraction. These plants bring out the appeal that everyone craves to have in their homes. The plants include annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs among others.

But with time, the plants are outgrown and need garden maintenance adelaide services that may include trimming, mowing, fertilising, and pruning just to mention. Moreover, garden maintenance services may also require disposal services to remove brush and debris.

Such care is vital for the overall appearance of your home and should be assigned to an excellent company. The following are factors which you should keep in mind when searching for a garden maintenance company.

What to look for in a company?

  • Level of experience

A well-experienced company can provide you with consistent and quality garden maintenance services that will meet your needs. You can tell the experience of a particular company by looking at the number of years that the garden maintenance company has been in the industry. More often, those companies that have been in services for a long period have the right skill and facilities that can provide the services to clients’ expectations.

  • Tools and equipment

Almost all garden maintenance tasks require their kind of equipment. Thus, it is essential to find out if the company you are hiring has all the tools to finish the job. You should also look at the condition of their tools because some of them are on the verge of breaking.

  • Skilled labour

Garden maintenance services require experienced minds that are used to the job. If you want your landscape to be outstanding from your neighbours, consider looking for a garden maintenance firm that has well skilled-labour who have a better understanding of how to use all kinds of equipment.

  • Reputation

As you continue to dig deep into the company, you also have to put their reputation on the radar. Find out what clients and other stakeholders are saying about that firm. This is now simpler because you can easily know the attitude of past clients by looking at the reviews section of the company’s website.

  • Budget

Lastly, after looking at all of the above factors, you need to now focus on a suitable budget that can work with a given company. You first have to carry out some background research on the prices of such services in more than one company before you arrive at the one that suits you. A well-planned budget can save you from spending too much on cheaply available garden maintenance services.

Role of garden maintenance services in our homes

Here are some major roles played by garden maintenance services in our homes:

Add home value – taking care of your home landscape increases its value and you will come to appreciate your efforts in the future when you decide to sell off your property.

Makes your home unique- with garden maintenance services comes creativity. The experts can make your home look unique from the rest by applying different designs to your landscape.

Control of insects- insects such as mosquitoes like staying in the bushy environment and if you leave your landscape unattended, it may act as a breeding ground for mosquitoes that will infest your home and cause malaria. Thus, it is vital to hire garden maintenance services to help you control such pests for your family’s wellbeing.


Designs For the Perfect Garden Sheds

Yards are not just for yards and home play areas, however can likewise be ideal places for storage space sheds where one can simply essentially supply extra home stuffs in the drop. As section of the whole home outside, it’s just however appropriate that yard sheds will likewise appearance nice and in-relative to the house’s develop.

In purchase not to be an overall total eyesore, yard drop styles ought to be well-planned. Drop strategies ought to remain in consistency with the offered area in the yard in addition to the develop befitting the house’s design. Additionally, yard drop styles ought to offer its function to the proprietors generally.

The complying with are some fundamental suggestions on ways to develop your yard drop:

* Design. On a notepad, have a design of your yard drop styles. One requirements not to be an architect or designer for this matter; a fundamental develop of the yard drop – such as how it appear like – will do since this will just function as an overview of the carpenter or developer in constructing the drop. If one is truly really elaborate regarding it, he/she can employ a developer or architect to create the storage space drop strategy.

* Products. In the storage space constructing strategies, likewise consist of the type of products which you like for your yard storage space drop. Many which are constructed out of timber as timbers are considered as ideal products for a yard storage space drop. Apart from that timbers are less expensive, it can likewise mix well in the atmosphere of a yard where tones of green and planet shades load the . It’s recommended, nevertheless, to place timber therapies in specific components of the yard storage space drop. This is to avoid insects or home insects in entering into the timbers.


Cornwall’s Gardens

The ‘Garden Funding of the World’ is frequently how Cornwall is thought about throughout the world. Cornwall delights in the power of the Gulf Stream with its warm environment of cozy summertimes, moderate and damp winter seasons which consequently enables unique and unusual plants to flourish.

Where else can you discover a lot of yards with background going back to the Iron Age? As lengthy back as the very early 19th century Cornish gardeners were section of the Victorian grow seekers that gathered unique plants and seeds from all worldwide.

That provides us what we have today: over 60 fantastic yards to check out with rich greenery and sub-tropical theaters of color overflowing with interesting, unusual and gorgeous plants. Cornwall’s yards are discovered in our spectacular Castles, Manor Homes, grand Ranch Estates, Mill Homes, protected valleys, high up on blustery moorland and situated in woodland and beachfront yards which satisfy the blue-green shades of the water’s side.

All over Britain you will be hard-pressed not to discover a ‘Veitch’ grow or one originated from their baby rooms. The Veitch household sent out lots of collection agencies around the world to restore seeds and plants. These consisted of 2 Cornish siblings, William and Thomas Lobb. William Lobb passed away in San Francisco in 1864 however his sibling Thomas resided in Devoran up to his fatality in 1894.

In the Eastern of Cornwall Install Edgcumbe have The Earl’s Yard with old and unusual trees consisting of a 400-year-old lime. The Official Yards are discovered in the reduce park and were produced over 200 years back in English, French and Italian designs. Cothele informs the tale of the Tamar Valley and Antony was just lately utilized as a background for the movie Alice in Paradise. Likewise in the Eastern is Ince Castle which overlooks the River Lynher. The yard delights in forests full of rhododendrons, camellias and magnolias, dynamic bushes and official yards. Pentillie Castle’s yards are just open up on particular days and their orchard was replanted with old Tamar Valley ranges of apple and cherry.

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